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The Nova Mission


Nova Education creates and delivers relevant enrichment tutorial classes that both complement and supplement traditional private and public school studies. While Nova Education salutes modern technology, we also focus on close reading, deep understanding, building character. Our comprehensive approach to tutoring lays a solid foundation that elevates comprehension. Nova Education empowers educational dreams to and through college. Shine bright!

The Nova Philosophy


Our dreams are as numerous as the stars above. Nova Education empowers dreamers through engaging workshops that teach students to think, evaluate, and act. We believe students should have the opportunity to learn, reflect, and reconsider. Nova Education offers students the opportunity to explore how thoughts, words, and deeds create destiny. At Nova Education, we understand that management is doing things right; but leadership is doing the right things.

Lead on!

The Nova Core Value


At Nova Education, we have an unwavering belief in the power of each student’s potential, an expectation of personal responsibility, and a heart for service. Our learning environment promotes the courage to learn, self-control during difficulties, generosity towards others, and respect for mankind. These virtues are critical to success in the classroom and vital in leadership. We aim to inspire students to be adventurous, creative, and open-minded as they pursue growth and deeper understanding.

Morals matter!

 Terrie Hoffman
Founder’s Notes 

Words to live by: If you can read well and write well, everything is possible. I grew up hearing my dad say this as I struggled through lessons. His priceless words encouraged me and others to be not only determined but also persistent. This advice is his legacy to me, and my gift to students everywhere.

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