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  Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

Presentaton Argument& Writing
   Presentation, Argumentative Writing  (PAW)   

Look out world! Get ready for the next generation of change-makers. Nova’s Great Presenter group class couples the art of persuasion and argument with reading, writing, and presentation. This class supports public speaking for debate, book reports, class speeches, and powerpoint presentations. In our workshop environment, students will gain confidence as they improve oratory skills. We’ll have fun applying debating techniques to fun topics from the past and current events. Nova teachers guide students in exploring opinions, creating claims, and discovering evidence that culminates in a stand & deliver presentation. Students will learn critical thinking skills as they learn to evaluate and verbally communicate big ideas. 

  News and Grammar 

Does your student have a nose for news? The Newsies group class will discuss current events, expository writing, and grammar. Using multiple sources such as Time for Kids, students will gain a fuller understanding of the world while developing critical thinking skills around language and social issues such as pollution, child labor, and water conservation. This class beautifully prepares future debaters and journalists. The Newsies group class will go where ever the news takes us. Sniff. Sniff.  

Science and Technology Class
  Super Nova Reader and Writer   

Come read with Nova teachers! SuperNova readers will explore classic stories from a variety of genres. Along the way, we’ll discuss plot, character, themes, feelings, and conflict.  Students will be introduced to a new set of vocabulary words each week. Homework. You bet! 

Pile Of Books
  Ms. Hoffman's Book Club

Come read with Mrs. Hoffman & friends. Each month the Nova Bookies will explore a classic children’s story from a variety of genres. Along the way, we’ll discuss plot, characters, themes, and conflict. Students will read out loud in class and at home with mom & dad. Each book will end with a robust, teacher-led, discussion about the story. Reading just for the fun of it! Open to grades 3rd and above

Circular Library

Let’s step back in time. The Time Travelers group class will transport students back in time to study and discuss historical headlines, events, and inventions. This class supports social studies and understanding complex historical passages.  From the Industrial Revolution to the Moon Walk, students will gain an appreciation for the past and inspiration for making their own mark in the world. Along the way, we’ll read historical fiction designed to bring the past to life. 

Piles of Books
  Grammar Blast  

Become a grammarian. The Grammar Blast group class focuses on critical concepts that are foundational and essential to becoming a strong reader and clear writer. Prepositions, helping verbs, linking verbs, direct objects, verb phrases, clauses… no problem. This class supports language testing, word problems, formal writing, ISEE, STARR, PSAT, and SAT. Grammar Blast is open to all students.  Sessions based on age and ability. Placement based on age, ability, and availability.

Study Group
  Critical Essay Writing  

High School Only.  Let’s learn formal essay writing.  SuperNova writers will learn to think critically about a piece of literature in order to compose both short answer responses and formal essays. Additionally, students will learn rhetorical analysis essay writing.  This class supports Pre-Ap and AP Language Arts course work and college testing.  Be brave and elevate your writing game. There are no tricks to formal writing, but we have plenty of great tips. 

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