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Our son has been to Mrs. Hoffman’s class since he was 4th grade. We feel fortunate and grateful that we found her. She is always patient, friendly, sympathetic and highly motivated and our son enjoys her classes very much. She not only structures the lessons to achieve all the learning aims but also offers my son the opportunity to join a reading group to enrich his critical thinking and presentation skills. In brief, Mrs. Hoffman is an excellent teacher, who understands immediately the specific difficulties and capabilities a student has with the English language and who knows exactly how to support him. We are happy to recommend her to students of any level and of all ages.

Joann.C, Plano | Texas

Mrs. Hoffman  is a wonderful writing teacher.  She greets every student with a smile and is very passionate about teaching. Mrs. Hoffman makes learning grammar and writing essays very enjoyable. She helps add depth and complexity to my essays. Since I have started working with Mrs. Hoffman, my writing and grammar skills have dramatically improved.

J from St.Marks, Dallas | Texas

I have been learning from Mrs. Hoffman for one and a half years now and she has taught me a lot. Mrs. Hoffman has taught me grammar tips, deep reading, and concise thinking. One thing that has stood out to me is when Mrs. Hoffman taught me the criteria for writing an essay. Mrs. Hoffman knows what is best for you and will do anything to get you there. Mrs. Hoffman has pushed me to not give up and to not be afraid to ask for help. In the end, Mrs. Hoffman does things that will benefit. Mrs. Hoffman is also very caring and nice.

Chritian.G, Allen | Texas

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