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Grammar: The Secret Sauce

The spoken word is music to the ears. The sound of friends playing, the chatter of family dinner, or singing along with the radio spark joy. The spoken word travels up from the heart, moves through the mind, and exits the mouth. The spoken word is not perfect, nor is it meant to be. We communicate verbally without adhering to strict rules. But the written word is quite another subject. Grammar is the secret sauce to success. Social studies short-answer quizzes and science fair projects deserve good grammar too.

Grammar is like math. Imagine how frustrating upper-level math would be not knowing addition, subtraction, or multiplication rules. Like math, grammar also has rules. Problems arise when students write according to the spoken word. This produces run-ons, phrases, and wonky structure. The student will know that the sentence is wrong, but will not know how to fix it. Enter grammar. Understanding grammar elevates the writing and reading comprehension experience.

Grammar and critical thinking go hand-in-hand. When students see an incorrect sentence, grammar helps them understand the cause so they can make an informed decision. Knowing grammar supports all language testing including the SAT. At Nova Education, we know grammar is foundational. It even helps students understand the structure of other languages taught in our schools. Come learn with us. We are happy to show the way. Sign up now at Classes based on age, ability, and availability.

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