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The Art of Debate & Persuasion: Stand & Deliver

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

As a kid, my dad insisted on watching and debating the nightly news. To this day, I can recall Vietnam war scenes flashing across the screen, endless investigations into the Nixion Watergate scandal, Civil Rights protests, the moonwalk and so much more. We debated whether women should serve in the military, trickle-down economics, and why I had to do more chores than my younger siblings. We debated for the love of debating. He knew his stuff and he did not go easy on me. On rare occasions, he would tell me not to argue with him -- that’s how I knew that I made a good point. Sweet memories. I appreciate being heard.

The world needs student voices. Nova Education’s Great Debaters help young people understand the world. Students will begin an exciting journey that links history to current events and future plans. Debate allows young people the freedom to observe, think, reflect, and argue with respect. Most importantly, students can explore life from different points-of-view. These are all marks of confident leadership in the classroom and beyond.

Great debaters are great communicators. Mastering public speaking is transformative. Debating is a gift that keeps on giving. Knowing and citing facts demonstrates a students ability to research and memorize, but young people who use facts to solve problems are unlikely heroes. These are the students who are innovative, inspirational, and can excel during class discussions known as Socratic seminars. Great debaters become class officers, public officials, attorneys, teachers, doctors, nurses, and parents who feel confident to take a stand.

Nova Education is proud to launch the inaugural Great Debaters group class. Space is limited. Sign up today!

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